Scientists advances the future by creating Star Trek atom art and a stop-motion film

The IBM scientists have been busy recently in researching the field of atomic memory. With the ability to move atoms, they decided to have some fun by creating a short film and some artworks. To create these artworks, the team used a two-ton microscope about the size of a room. One of the things they created were Star Trek images out of atoms. It included the Enterprise, the Vulcan salute, the Star Trek logo, a U.S.S. Enterprise the height of a single nanometer, and an animation gif of the Star Trek logo.






The IBM scientists have the Guinness World Records record for the world’s smallest stop-motion film called “A Boy and His Atom.” The movie is made of 250 frames and is magnified 100 million times in order for us to see it. The microscope had to be operated at -268 degrees Celsius in order to create the short. You can check out the video below.

Source: IBM

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