An interview with Brian Michael Bendis on Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play MMO

I had the honor of joining a roundtable interview with the legendary Brian Michael Bendis to discuss the worldwide release of the highly anticipated MMO, Marvel Heroes. It is going to be

NR Podcast #5: Y U Pay For Cosplay?!

In this new episode of the Nerd Reactor Podcast, the team discuss the controversial topic of Cosplayers asking fans for money. Cosplayer Liz Katz has come under fire recently for

Nintendo Download – Project X Zone demo brings Capcom, Namco Bandai, Sega together

Sure there are two good Zelda games on the 3DS eShop this week, but there’s something perhaps a bit more important than those: a game made by Monolith Soft that

RoboCop and ED-209 get the Hot Toys treatment

a> Hot Toys has just announced two really cool RoboCop action figures. Not only will we be getting an authentic and realistic-looking RoboCop, but we’ll also be getting his robot

Contest: Nerd Reactor’s 20k Facebook Fans Celebration!

We recently passed 20k fans on our Facebook Page, and we want to say thank you by hosting a really awesome giveaway contest filled with many prizes. What are the

Fanart: The Adventures of Beavis and Batman

Okay, so I’m three years late on this, but I thought the fan art mashup was pretty cool. Here’s Beavis and Batman together doing Beavis and Batman things. The fan

Da Vinci’s Demons episode 7 airs tonight, plus preview

Da Vinci’s Demons is back tonight (Friday) with an all new episode on Starz at 9pm ET/PT. Hopefully you guys were able to catch up with the show during the

1 hour and 15 minutes was cut out of Iron Man 3

While Iron Man 3 has dropped slightly at the box office over the Memorial Day weekend, the film is still performing strong at theaters across the nation and has just

Pacific Rim media blowout: Featurettes and loads of new photos

Pacific Rim, one of my most anticipated films this year, is ready to be unleashed in just six short weeks. Until then for the past couple of days, we’ve been

Is fundraising a cosplay outfit wrong?

So Liz Katz recently had an Indiegogo fundraiser that passed its goal of $650. It has now reached over $4,000. What she wanted to do with the money was to

Cleveland set pics reveal first look at Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier

Earlier today we reported about Captain America: The Winter Soldier set photos from the campus of Cleveland State University, and now we get another set of set photos courtesy of

Review: Ultra Etorque X10 Double/Full-Tower Gaming Case

If you’re looking to build a new computer rig and looking for a case; look no further than the Ultra Etorque X10 Double/Full-Tower Gaming Case. I’ve had this for quite

Contest: Turtle Shell Boombox Winner

Thanks to Outdoor Technology, we are happy to announce the winner of our Turtle Shell Boombox giveaway. We had plenty of fans who gave us their choices for what they would play if

‘Who Will Be the Voice of Snake?’ gets a teaser video

The gaming world is watching carefully as E3 is coming. Konami has a special “Pre E3 Show 2013” event on June 6th at 10am PST. One of the biggest announcements

This week’s Humble Bundle features THE WALKING DEAD

I’m a huge fan of the Humble Bundle and I also happen to love Telltale Games. What happens when you put them together? A great cause! This week’s Weekly Humble

Behind the scenes on the 3D remake of Sega’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

If you were a product of the 80s and had a Sega Genesis, then you probably remember Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. This was a great era for fans

See Peter Dinklage and hippy Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy in X-Men set pics

Check out these X-Men: Days of Future Past set pics from Montreal featuring Peter Dinklage in a suit, 70s haircut and mustache; and Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as hippies.

How Iron Man 3 should have ended

The How It Should Have Ended guys are at it again, and they have their eyes set on making fun of Iron Man 3. They ask the questions like why

Paul Giamatti will be a big-ass Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Rhino is a super villain with superhuman strength and wears a giant rhino suit. With Paul Giamatti set to play Rhino, fans were wondering if they’ll get to see him

Fanime 2013 Photo Gallery Extravaganza

Fanime 2013 came and went. There were a lot of issues with the con itself, but one thing that didn’t disappoint were all the amazing Cosplays we got to see