Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle say that Iron Man 4 is unlikely

Iron Man 3 is about to hit theaters this Friday in the States, but other countries are already enjoying the movie. One of the burning questions is whether we’ll be

Special limited edition Star Trek Into Darkness print to be given at IMAX showings

IMAX has revealed a special Star Trek Into Darkness print that will be given to fans attending the 8PM IMAX show on Wednesday, May 15th, at participating locations! The official

Rocky the Musical: Fight from the heart (with song and dance)

If you’ve ever wondered what Rocky Balboa would sound like singing (I mean, we all have thought of that, right?), you’ll have your chance very soon on Broadway. The famous

New Watch Dogs trailer and release date announced

“They think I’m a man out of control. But I’ve never had so much control.” – Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs is one of those upcoming games I can’t get enough

CosCast 54: Costumers and Cosplaying

Welcome to the podcast. This is episode 54 of The CosCast after our cosplay =/= consent episode. Today we have myself (Joey Rassool), Morgan Woods and Matthew Lewis. Now that

5 of the Best Futurama Episodes

In 1999, I was a senior in high school, looking toward my future. Everyone else was thinking about the future too, because that was the year of Y2K. For you

Willie Nelson auditions for the role of Gandalf in Hobbit 2

“You shall not pass…an unlit joint, man.” Tomorrow is Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday, and here’s a nice audition reel of the American icon as Gandalf for the upcoming Hobbit: The

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom extends video games beyond the TV

Microsoft has been pushing the Kinect peripheral since its launch for the Xbox 360. Now that the Kinect is rumored to be mandatory with the next Xbox, what new peripheral

The White House answers pressing question: How do you pronounce GIF?

In the ever-increasing effort from the Obama Administration to make this the most transparent presidential administration ever, The White House joined millions of hipsters, nerds, and young, sexed-up teenagers on

League of Upsets and the power in throwing yourself to the wolves

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) had 2 huge upset victories in the quarterfinals of the Spring Playoffs. In the first match, Seed #6 Good Game University (GGU) beat

Beyond: Two Souls 35-minute gameplay and trailer from Tribeca Film Festival is now online

If you have missed the 35-minute gameplay and trailer for Beyond: Two Souls’ presentation during the Tribeca Film Festival, we got you covered. There are spoilers, so if you don’t

Super Mario Crossover 3.0 coming soon!

Gamers and non gamers (really, do those people even exist?) alike should know about Super Mario, but not everyone knows about Super Mario Crossover. This browser-based game has taken the

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Review – When good licensing happens to bad games

At the end of 2012, everyone was talking about Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The game virtually swept every Game of The Year awards from almost every major publisher. The title

Disturbing Boston Marathon bombing game released online

Talk about tasteless. Website Lolokaust has just recently released a new game on their site that puts players at site Boston Marathon bombing. The game has you running through the

Injustice: Gods Among Us review

When NetherRealm Studios first premiered the new look for the DC characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “What the

Return of Phil Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D revealed?

If you’re one of the 99.9% that has seen The Avengers, then you know that fan-favorite Phil “Agent” Coulson died at the hands of Loki. Many fans theorized that Agent Coulson would

Contest: Winner announced for Walking Dead McFarlane Toys

The Walking Dead McFarlane Toys contest is easily our most popular contest to date with over 600 entries. The winner gets to win Merle, Michonne and other zombie figures all signed

Geeky girls are fed up in this ‘Gentleman’ parody

Tired of trying to prove yourself as a geeky girl? Then maybe this video can help. It’s a parody of Psy’s “Gentleman” song and shares with us the problems of

A quick guide to Riot’s skin price changes

So as many of us know, Riot has just implemented massive changes to its champion skin pricing. Prices dropped on all but 17 skins. For those of us who treat skins as

Iron Man 3 clip: ‘Nothing has been the same since New York’

Here’s the latest clip from Iron Man 3 showing Tony Stark talking to Pepper Potts about how nothing is the same since The Avengers movie. So what has he been