Sorry Snyder…can’t talk about Man of Steel…playing World of Warcraft


We all know that Henry Cavill is going to play Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. But there was a time when playing video games was more important than answering a call from the director about getting a role for a blockbuster superhero film. And that was the case with Cavill. He was playing an intense game of World of Warcraft, and during that time, Zack Snyder gave him a call about being Superman. So what do you do when you see Zack Snyder calling? If you’re Cavill, you’d continue on playing WoW.

Talking to GQ, Henry Cavill reveals that he almost didn’t get the role.

“I saw it was him [calling] but the thing is, you can’t save World of Warcraft, you can’t pause it. It’s live.”

Now that’s what I call a gamer. We sometimes ignore calls, which may be important, when we’re invested in the game we’re playing. But luckily, Cavill returned Snyder’s call, and the rest is history.

That’s not the only cool part. He also mentions how Skyrim is great.

“I’ve been playing a lot of single player games, like Skyrim. Goodness, that’s a great game.“

Yep, Superman is one of us. Time to stuff my face with potato chips and play some Superman 64. Oh, god.


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