McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Series 3 Figures review

walking dead series 3

McFarlane Toys has now released the 3rd generation of The Walking Dead figures that are both extremely detailed and life-like. Priced at the very affordable tag of $14.99 on sites like,, and also in comic book stores near you, these figures provide The Walking Dead fanatics with a little piece of the show to keep at home and remind you why you love this show so much.


The 3rd generation includes figures of Michonne, her two zombie pets, Merle Dixon, and the autopsy zombie.  Each figure contains the likeness of the character they were based from using a new 3D scanning process, and just like the first and second generation, each figure includes accessories or items relative to each character.


The movement of the figures and included items allow you a variety of poses, or action scenes that you can act out with your kids, display on a shelf, or just plain leave them boxed up as collectibles while still displaying the awesomeness that is the figure itself without a hefty price tag attached to it.  And with the recent passing of Merle, I feel that his figure will both be more difficult to find, and worth more in the future if you are collecting them for such purposes.

Overall the figures are sturdy, the paint does not easily chip off, and are balanced providing any collector or child a smile at the end of a zombie killing filled day.


  • Paint: original paint
  • Scale: 4 to 4 1/2 inch
  • Format: action figure
  • Packaging: blister card

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