Microsoft’s IllumiRoom extends video games beyond the TV

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Microsoft has been pushing the Kinect peripheral since its launch for the Xbox 360. Now that the Kinect is rumored to be mandatory with the next Xbox, what new peripheral can Microsoft add for the next-gen console? How about the IllumiRoom, a projector peripheral that enhances gameplay by extending the visual experience beyond the screen and into your room walls.

The video below showcases the prototype projector at work, with the help from the Kinect, and is able to shoot images around the TV screen, extending the field of vision. The IllumiRoom can self-calibrate and can be used in any room. It’s still a concept at work and it’s not official whether it will be implemented with the next Xbox, but it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can make an affordable projector peripheral.

Not to be outdone by Microsoft, Sony has also been working on an augmented projection technology using the PlayStation Move. Released in 2011 is a demonstration of their technology called “Immersive Imaging.”

Source: Microsoft via GamesHQMedia

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