The White House answers pressing question: How do you pronounce GIF?

In the ever-increasing effort from the Obama Administration to make this the most transparent presidential administration ever, The White House joined millions of hipsters, nerds, and young, sexed-up teenagers on the popular social network, Tumblr, and posted this announcement on April 26, 2013.

With the graphic below, The White House is giving us a feel for what’s to come on their newest blog site, including animated gifs, with a slight decree on the way it’s pronounced (with a hard “G” like “get a life”), rather ostentatiously.


If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, especially in the 90s, then you’ve come to form your own opinion on how GIF is actually pronounced. Probably one of the biggest opposition to the issue is this guy, Steve Olsen, who even took the time to cite various sources from way back to prove why it should be pronounced with a J, like “jif.” Sorry Steve-O, but looks like The White House closed the debate on this one. Give up the good fight.

Personally, I pronounce it with a hard “G” myself, but if it’s meant to be pronounced like JIF, then why the hell wasn’t it spelled with a “J”? Just sayin’. Also, doesn’t the G stand for “graphics” which is pronounced with a hard G?

Welcome to the Tumblogs, Mr. President. Now, who’s gonna create a “whatshouldwecallobama” tumblog?

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