Disturbing Boston Marathon bombing game released online

k-bigpicTalk about tasteless. Website Lolokaust has just recently released a new game on their site that puts players at site Boston Marathon bombing. The game has you running through the streets of Boston in a retro NES 8-bit style while jumping over Pressure Cooker Bombs that were actually using in the attack.

“Tired of watching the Boston Marathon disaster on TV? Well now you can live it. It’s a video game!”

The trolling shock site released the game earlier this week. Since then many groups and organizations are trying to get the game removed from the site, but there seems to be no way to contact the owners of the site. I even tried to dig up their info based on how domain was register, but so far no luck.

Just judging by the sites content and the disclaimer written down at the end of the main page, I don’t think they would listen to reason anyway.

Enjoy the site or fuck off and die

Source: Kotaku

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