Contest: Winner announced for Walking Dead McFarlane Toys

Walking Dead McFarlane Toys

The Walking Dead McFarlane Toys contest is easily our most popular contest to date with over 600 entries. The winner gets to win Merle, Michonne and other zombie figures all signed by Todd McFarlane. To help me choose the winner I brought in our very own, Robert Galvan. And three hours later, he narrowed it down to 10 entries. It was a tough one, but we have no narrowed it down to one winner. I just have to mention that it seems everybody thinks their dream girl or guy is going to cheat on them with the hunter. Oh, you guys.

Here are the runner-ups:

Mike Yinzer

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. House in the suburbs. Family. Dog. That was the plan. A lawn to maintain until the kid was old enough to handle the mower without losing his foot. That was part of the plan, too.

Now, I need a new plan. Including me, I’ve got six people to relocate and only five spots in the car. What to do, what to do…

I need to think. Think. Let’s see. A hunter who know how to use a rifle would come in handy when it comes to, well, surviving. Ward off the walking dead and bring back some dinner on the same trip. Hunter stays. Get in the car.

Doctor. Wow, how could I leave a doctor behind? Need someone to patch us up and get us through. He may even have a better clue than the rest of us when it comes to fixing the car, too. Right? Doctor probably has good hands like a mechanic. Knows how systems connect. Will be able to figure out what to do if, say, the car’s muffler comes unraveled. Get in, Doc.

Pregnant lady. Gotta take her. This world will need to be repopulated and she’s already halfway there. With that baby inside her, I’m actually squeezing an extra person into the car. I feel pretty good about that. I’ll deal with the cravings and mood swings. She and her unborn kid are coming. Get in.

Child. Listen to me, kid. We’re going to win. Normal will be normal again someday. And I’ll want someone to mow the lawn. Get in.

Dream girl. Wow. It’s down to you and me. One stays and one goes. The whole plan I had was built around you. I pictured it all with you. The house. The family. Date nights at the coffee shop. The loud, raunchy guitar you actually love to hear and know how to play. It was going to be perfect. Was. My dream doesn’t exist without you, and I don’t think I could go on without you. Here. Take the map — you’re such a great navigator — and lead these other people to safety. Remember me always, and get in the car.

If only there were some other way. One extra seat. One more car. One fewer people to save. I wish I had a tiebreaker to help determine who to take and who to leave behind. Selflessness is all well and good, but my dream girl is about to drive away. And I’m gonna die here.

What’s that? The doc is saying something. Let me find out what the heck he needs. What’s that, Doc? You need what? Your mallets? Sure. Where are they? Okay, got ’em. Say, these are kind of odd. What do you use these for? Marimba? What’s that, some kind of disease? You say it’s like a big xylophone? Say, Doc, what’s your specialty? Internal Medicine? Gastroenterology?Are you a surgeon of some kind? What are you saying? Percussion? You have a doctorate in what? Music? Music??!! All well and good, Doc. But get the heck out of my car!! You picked the wrong specialty.


Oh come on…we all know how dreams become reality and they aren’t really all that dreamy. So of course, I would leave the guy of my dreams. If he is from my dreams he will end up being a jerk. He is probably the father of the baby so he has already cheated on me. He is shallow so he would shoot me in the leg to save himself

HomieJay Torres

Leave behind the pregnant woman.. Being a guy I would need to get it in, and my dream girl would obviously be best for that. She would keep me motivated to keep living(almost everything we guys do is for a girl anyway).. If I kept the other girl I would have to wait possibly 9 months to have sex with the pregnant woman because I dont want to accidentally bust a nut in the face of an fetes.
p.s. does dead sperm come back as zombie sperm?


Ya know what all these lame answers are whack let me str8 it out on how the apocalypse should go down ..

1. Always keep the Dr ..If you were a slut who will help with the abortion or help cure you’re STD?

2.Kids are definitely a good tool to have around to do you’re dirty work to send in to tight spots when crowded with walkers..Who else is going to sneak in a pharmacy to grab condoms , lube, and of course the tampons kids are a lot easier to run and store shit in there back packs..

3.Always keep the pregnant lady obviously she dont mind getting down with the niddy griddy during a time of panic we all know sex is stress reliever and also the lady is creating mini soldier to take down walkers..

4.Never bite the hand that feeds you so the hunter is well needed during the apocalypse.

A. He/She will claim to fall in love with you and then sleep with the hunter” I mean come ON!!!!!!!!!! It’s one thing giving ppl orders but if you cant feed him/her they will give head/eat pu*** to anyone supplying food..

B. Love triangles always go bad so get the cuddy cuddy and move on with it other wise you’d end up sacrificing you’re life for one person instead of saving the whole group.. So thats my answer leave you’re dream girl behind it makes the life easier when living in the Zombie Apocalypse.. 😉

Timothy Stephens

The pregnant lady… my wife has had two kids and lets face it there is nothing worse than a fat, moody, farting, woman with a crying baby on the way… and let’s face it… we’ll have another one with your dream girl anyway… shhh… don’t tell my wife


The girl of my dreams i would leave behind. The reason why is because, odds are she would go for the hunter, doctor or even the pregnant woman before me.

Jonas Jiang

We’ll being a ninja, anyone will slow me down.
I poison the hunter, take his bow(I’m assuming all hunters use bows) and shoot the doctor. I leave the woman, child and girl for the walkers. This buys me time to speed get away in the car, and I’ll save gas travelling this much lighter. Unless someone is carrying Skittles, then they can come. I really love Skittles.

Shelly Huskey

(Please don’t take this as racial but it is racial… OK… I’ll apologize in advance. 🙂 I’d leave behind the token black guy… he’s always the first to die anyways.

Maria Isabel Deleon-Lara

The pregnant lady, I don’t want any competition for the dream guy. And we all those are the sluts that sleep with her man’s best friend and lies about who the baby daddy is.

Matt Oh

I would probably leave behind the doctor. Way I see it, he or she is practically useless. Anybody who gets bit or hurt in any way will either be left behind or eliminated so it’s not like their services will be in demand. I might pull a Rick Grimes and chop off some limbs if I think it’ll save a useful member and/or maybe retain some level of stability within the group. Also, if you’re thinking about the pregnant lady, well she can manage on her own. In ancient times women just had babies without medical assistance so no big deal. Worst case scenario, I’ll pull a Carl and try to save the baby at least. Besides them the hunter, child, and love interest are all must-haves. That’s my Daryl, Carl, and Maggie right there (I’m asian so just call me Glen). The hunter speaks for himself, the kid will grow up to be a zombie killing master, and of course after I kill zombies I’d like to have lots of sex with the lady

And the winner is…

Michael Orlen

Ok. In the real world I’m a single dad of 3 kids. Even though they aren’t part of my group and have probably already become a hot lunch, I sure as hell don’t want any more kids. They’re a real pain in the ass, are completely useless, and all the pooping and peeing and crying and whining all day makes just giving up and throwing myself to the walkers a viable option. Besides, even if I survive the kids they’re sure to attract walkers every 10 minutes with all the damned noise they make. Too bad I don’t have the balls to leave a kid behind, the whining little bastard. No one in the group would ever respect me if I did, anyway. I guess that counts out the moody pregnant bitch, too, although it would be kinda fun to drive away from her, laughing, but I’ll resist the temptation. The doctor’s a no brainer, we need that guy, you can bet your sweet ass I won’t be delivering any babies. The hunter is an awesome guy to have around. I like eating, eating is good. The possibility of easing my zombie-trauma by getting it on with my dream girl every day sounds really good too, but not as good as eating. If I can’t eat I won’t have the energy to rock the tent, anyway, So I guess my dream girl has got to go, as hot as she is. Besides, she’ll end up cheating on me with the hunter anyway, they always do.

Yeah, I just leave that Michael is letting his aggression out on the poor kid and pregnant lady, but I LOLed. So congrats, Michael! You have two weeks to send me your mailing address. My email can be found on the about page.

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