Nintendo Download – Mega Man 4 busts through to the 3DS eShop

Mega Man 4 Japanese Box Art

With games like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Super Mario 3D Land already out, and others such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf on their way, the 3DS library is starting to look quite respectable. Here to further round out the selection of good games on the 3DS is Mega Man 4. In this particular Mega Man, you face off against the wily Dr. Cossack. Yes, that’s Cossack, not Dr. Wily. Whether or not Dr. Wily makes his probably inevitable appearance, you’ll only know if you reach the end.

In Wii U land, the Rayman Legends Challenges App is available now for free. It’s a bit of an apologetic gesture by Ubisoft for the delay of the game, but a good one nonetheless. This Challenges App will be updated on a regular basis, so hopefully that content will keep Wii U owners busy while they bide their time. Check out the trailer below for a better idea of what to expect:

Check out the full list of updates:

Wii U

Rayman Legends Challenges App


Mega Man 4
CRAZY CONSTRUCTION (object-stacking game)
Color Commando (Puzzle Platformer, Also on Nintendo DSiWare)


SENGOKU (Arcade Beat-em-up)

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