Lose weight while playing PC games with the TrekDesk

trekdesk treadmill

So how do you lose weight while playing PC games? The guys over at TrekDesk have figured it out by combining a treadmill with a desk. Now lazy gamers worldwide can lose weight while playing their favorite PC video games like World of Warcraft (for me, it would currently be DayZ). Some would find grinding extremely boring, but now you can do it and lose weight at the same time.

Check out a video review from EpicReviewsTech, where the reviewer lost 40 pounds while playing StarCraft nightly with his brother. He says that he doesn’t even notice that he’s exercising.

Of course, this machine can be dangerous, but if you take the precautionary steps, you should be fine. You can buy it at Amazon, and it’s going to be pricey (it’s currently $479.00).

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