A new hilarious League of Legends YouTuber emerges

There is nothing more I enjoy than ending my day with a nice cup of Earl Grey hot, some pastries, and a good laugh before hitting the sack. As for the tea and crumpets, my options are limited, but YouTube’s stockpile of videos always has something entertaining ready for me. Machinima’s Random League Moments has been my go-to page for summoner fails, horrible flashes, and clutch plays. I’ve seen just about every episode but am always craving for more.

YouTuber Zenix has recently started his own channel with awesome clips worked with great editing and music. So whether you’re bored at home or taking a breather at work, these clips should keep you well entertained. Enjoy.

Here is an example of some of his work (Yes this video has been featured on other channels, but in my opinion his editing makes it the most entertaining version).


Link to the channel provided below.


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