A Monster could be heading to HBO


According to Deadline, Guillermo Del Toro is going to collaborate with Steven Thompson and HBO to bring a manga to American TV screens. That manga is none other than Naoiki Urasawa’s Monster. It pretty much sells itself as a TV show.¬†For those that have not read the manga, they should do so.

Let me give you a small tidbit about the manga. It’s about a doctor who seems to be on top of the world. He is about to get a promotion at the hospital he works for. He’s good friends with the hospital’s director, and he is engaged to the daughter of the director. Everything was good on the outside, but he was dissatisfied with the politics being played out in the hospital. That is when he decided to change how the hospital should run. When a pair of twins were brought in after a massacre occurred, he decides to operate on one of the twins who had a gun shot wound to the head. He decided to operate on a child instead of the Mayor, who was also brought in at the same time. At the end the Mayor dies, and that is when his world starts to crumble and people around him are starting to die. And the cops are looking at him as the prime suspect.

I have read this manga maybe 2-3 times already. Its very psychological in many ways, and it is really well written. I hope Del Toro and Thompson don’t mess this up. Of course, Monster has already been on TV screens, but as an anime. It was also set to be a movie, with New Line planning to release it, but due to complications it was scrapped.

Hopefully HBO will give them a chance on this project. If done right I see great things for this series. I can’t wait to hear more news about this.

Source: Deadline

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