Iron Man 3’s Shane Black has his sights on Death Note and Doc Savage

shane black

Iron Man 3 is definitely going to be one of Shane Black’s biggest movie projects. But what is he going to direct after that? He’s got some film projects he’s interested in from Warner Bros. and Sony including the popular anime/manga Death Note and the old-school pulp novel Doc Savage.

“Right now I’ve got this thing at Warner Bros. called Death Note that I like a lot. It’s a Japanese Manga that’s very tense and really cool. And also something at Sony I’m really excited about, something that as a kid I loved. It’s Doc Savage, the old series of pulp novels and doing Doc Savage right, finding the way to get that script correct has been one of the guiding passions of my adult life. If I can get that script and make it happen in the next 90 days or so then I’d love to make that.”

death note

As somebody who has watched the Death Note anime, I am looking forward to him doing this first, but it looks like his main focus will be on Doc Savage (that’s good for you Savage fans out there). I still need to watch the live-action Japanese version.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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