Comic Book Movies: Marvel vs. DC


Marvel vs. DC by maxmax007 (deviantart)

Ever since they first came out on paperback, there has always been a close rivalry between Marvel and DC. Fans who have a VERY deep passion for their favorite comic book characters will argue to the death how theirs is the best, and how their favorite would never lose to their cross-comic-book rival. It’s already 2013 and these debates….or arguments, if you want to call them that, haven’t changed a bit. It’s gone from school yards to the Internet now and will probably flow into whatever new social media output is produced in the future. At the moment, the big debate that’s going on are the big screen comparisons between these two titans of the comic book world. If you’ve ever gone to the forums at, you probably have a good idea of what’s going down.

Batman vs Ironman

One of the “debates” that have been and are currently being compared are the Batman movies vs. the Iron Man movies. Which one is better? Which of these trilogies blows the other one away? Who was a better actor? Who has a nicer suit? Who has more money, Tony Stark or Batman? My personal opinion is, WHO CARES?

The real question SHOULD be: Did you enjoy the fact that Hollywood took their time and money to put these superheroes on screen for us to enjoy? I bet most of you would respond with a resounding “Yes”. The annoying part is that most of these arguments usually base themselves on the monetary intake of the movie after its opening and final count. Most people fail to understand that movie tickets have risen quite a lot in the past 10 years. I remember when it was $5 to see a movie, but nowadays it’s risen to about $10-$13. This isn’t even including the 3D availability and “Special” luxury priced theaters that cater to a 21-and-over crowd. In my eyes, if people are actually going out of their way to spend money to watch a guy in tights (or super suit), or a mutant with powers, punch bad guys and blow stuff up, I think it’s a win for comic book fans in general.

I’m going to be honest: I’m a HUGE Marvel fan, but that doesn’t mean I hate DC; especially on the big screen. I will take the occasional jab at some of their characters though like *cough* Aquaman *cough* , but it’s all in good fun. Personally, I’d like it if Warner Bros would get their act together and actually produce a Justice League movie once and for all. I know DC fans deserve one after Marvel dropped the superhero atomic bomb, which was the Avengers. As a comic book fan, I WANT Hollywood to make more movies out of our favorite characters. I WANT them all to succeed. I WANT our favorite superhero teams to grace the big screen so we can yell in our seats and cheer for Hulk to punch Thanos and/or Superman to slug Darkseid.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel recently released a statement about the Marvel vs DC war that was constantly going on at I think his statement should also be directed to other sites that have constant Marvel and DC head-butts. Here’s what he stated and I completely 100% agree:


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