Turtle Shell Boombox from Outdoor Tech


The Turtle Shell Boombox, or as I like to call it, the fun little box I used to scare the bejesus out of my sister the other night. There’s something to be said about a device that’s wireless, can play music off of your iPhone and blast Rush’s “Fly by Night” at unbelievable volumes. But enough about my shenanigans, what exactly is it?

It’s a fun little device (albeit expensive) that uses Bluetooth technology or a 3.5mm jack input to blast out whatever sound you have available, be it a soundtrack, a piece of music or even a stand-up comedy special. Its unique design does come with a purpose however; it’s an outdoor speaker, so obviously, it’s going to need some protection from the elements including people mindlessly walking into it.

Speaking of protection, the turtle shell is dirt/sand proof, shock proof (meaning you could literally shake the living hell out of it and it won’t skip a beat) and water resistant. Note that it’s water RESISTANT, not water PROOF, case in point: It can handle being in the rain, but you can’t dunk it in the pool. So make sure if you’re at a pool party, put it on a table away from the pool because even though it can handle a short submersion, why risk it?


Wonder if it could survive being buried 6 feet under?

It also works great as a speakerphone thanks to its built in…well…speakerphone functionality. If you’re cleaning your room for example and your Bluetooth headset isn’t charged and you can’t be bothered to put on a pair of headphones, just send the call to the Turtle Shell and continue the conversation while you use that coat hanger to drag that mold covered sock out from behind your desk.

It’s got a lot of extra features built into it as well, like the camera threading built under it so you can stick it on a tripod or a bike mount that will allow you to listen to tunes while cycling to wherever it is you’re riding to.


Although I’m not really sure what that other stuff is for…

But now for the burning question: How does it sound? Awesome. With a max sound level of 96 decibels (which according to the box is louder than a bear roaring), it still manages to pump out amazing sound, just as long as you’re within 30 feet of it. Did I also mention the battery lasts for whopping 9-10 hours? That’s almost half a day on a single charge!

So if you’re looking for an outdoor speaker that’s durable and can play music from your Bluetooth enabled device (like an Iphone), check out the Turtle Shell from Outdoor Tech.

Along with the Turtle Shell, all their other products can be found at their website: http://www.outdoortechnology.com/

Grade: A-


  • Easy one button setup to connect with devices
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors such as lime green, black and bright red
  • Has an A/C+USB adapter so you can charge it with a laptop or any other device that has a USB port in case a wall plug ins’t available


  • You have to be within 30 ft., less if there’s a wall in between the device and the Turtle Shell
  • A bit expensive with a $150 price tag, $170 if you intend to buy the bike mount
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