Patton Oswalt as The Penguin makes Batman look more like Badman


Batman has always been about subduing criminals and criminal masterminds, but never actually killing them. It’s sort of the code he has for himself, very similar to how Dexter is with killing bad people. Also, Batman never uses a gun, he usually chooses from an array of gadgets to help take down the bad guys. But what if Batman didn’t realize he was actually killing bad guys when he thought he was “subduing” them?

Patton Oswalt and College Humor decided to show how bad Batman can really be. In the scene, Oswalt plays The Penguin, who has captured and is holding Commissioner Gordon hostage. Of course Batman arrives to save the day, but we happen to see a side of Batman that we don’t normally see.

The video is just utterly hilarious and literally makes Batman look like an idiot. I love how Batman takes down all the goons nonchalantly in bloody ways, but still has no clue that he’s killed them. Oh wait, that’s right. They’re sleeping… I think all the guys in the video did a great job, especially Pete Holmes, who is doing the Christian Bale Batman.

Source: College Humor

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