Mark Ruffalo fully endorses “Science Bros” meme

tumblr_m3tu58utob1qajc4eo1_500One peculiar thing some fans took away from The Avengers long after the movie was no longer in theaters, was the fictional relationship between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. The fan community “Science Bros” has been known for creating numerous images and Gifs, some of them NSFW, that illustrate Bruce and Tony relationship being far more than just “friends.” Recently, the internet meme was brought to the attention of The Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo.

Mark attended the Annual Riverkeeper’s Fisherman’s Ball, during which, he was asked if he was aware of the fan-fiction romance that fans had created between his character and Robert Downey Jr’s. Needless to say, he was little shocked.

“Are you joking? There’s all this art of me and Robert? Look at this! There’s thousands of them! It’s called the Science Bros. This is awesome. I’ve never heard of it. Why hasn’t anyone told me about that?”

Tony_Stark_Bruce_Banner_by_xel_Despite some of the images racy nature, Ruffalo seemed more than enthusiastic about the meme.

“So, are they all quasi-homoerotic? That’s cute! Yeah! I love it; it’s awesome. I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity.”

Mark told the reporter that he would happily inform his co-star and fellow Science Bro, Robert Downey Jr. about the meme.

“I’m going to call him and tell him, and he’s going to laugh his ass off. He’ll love that.”

Since it seemed fitting I couldn’t help but add this romantic fan-made music video of Tony and Bruce form The Avengers. Enjoy!

Source: Vulture

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