Sorry Michael Arndt, Patton Oswalt has an even more awesome idea for Episode VII


Patton Oswalt is one super-nerd, as you can tell by his Halloween costume with his daughter, and he decided to put that to good use this week as he’s guest starring on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In this outtake from the episode as Oswalt delivers an impassioned speech to the citizens of Pawnee about his elaborate idea for Star Wars: Episode VII.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d love to see a Star Wars/Avengers/Clash of the Titans/X-Men/Fantastic Four movie crossover. Oh and did I mention he did this all in one take?! So keep that in mind if you find any geek errors within this awesome speech.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″][/youtube]

If by any chance that Star Wars: Episode VII ends up sucking, the at least we’ll look back at this video and say, “at least one good thing came from Episode VII.”

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC on Thursday at 9/8C.

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