Injustice Storyline Review (Slight Spoilers)

injustice-gods-among-us-From the creators of Mortal Kombat comes Injustice: Gods Among Us. Quite honestly one of the best DC brawlers out there! Not that we have much to choose from, but this would be hard to top. As a DC fan, I was looking forward to this game for quite sometime and I can say that, without a doubt, it was WELL worth the wait! The characters, the action, the intensity! NetherRealm Studios really upped the ante on this one!


If you’ve ever played the 2011’s Mortal Kombat then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The storyline formula for how the game works is pretty much the same from MK. You have 12 chapters, all of which feature a prominent fighter. The game saves after each fight so the if you have to quit the game for whatever reason, you can pick up where you left off later. The story explains everything from everyone’s point of view. Heroes AND villains. So don’t assume the story is one-sided. You will earn extras throughout gameplay such as Armor keys (for unlocking costumes), Access cards (for unlocking other extras such as music, backgrounds and more), and XP. That is the BIG difference between MK and Injustice. As you play the game, you will level up and gain XP to level up your heroes and villains. Don’t worry, it’s not for any specific characters, but for your profile in-game. XP grants you unlocks for icons, backgrounds and portraits for your character card as well which comes into play for the multi-player option. XP also grants other options, of which I have not ventured into as of the writing of this article.

The story runs at around 5-6 hours of gameplay, which, for a fighting game is still pretty massive. If you’ll remember from MK, you didn’t get to pick when and where you started or ended as far as the chapters were concerned. If you stopped before a particular fight or chapter, that’s where your game would pick up from. Unlike MK however, you can pick and choose which chapters to play after you’ve beaten the story. So if you wanted to skip ahead to another character’s chapter, or backtrack, you can.


Although I LOVED the synopsis of this game, I feel as though I’ve seen it before in some other shape or form. If you’ve seen Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, then that’s where the feeling stems from. DC is known for having alternate Earths, with stories like Red Son and the Crisis series (Hell, even Powergirl comes from an alternate Earth). From a gamer’s standpoint, this is actually a good fit for a video game. In a lot of fighters, people sometimes like to pick the same characters to brawl. NetherRealm had a great idea in incorporating the alternate Earth thing so that if you wanted to play as Superman, your opponent (or you) could play as the alternate Earth Supes. A small detail, but to one with the trained eye, very smart. There are also numerous skins to choose from, but not everyone cares for those extra bits of DLC.

Slight Spoilers Ahead

So apparently, on this alternate Earth, Superman was tricked into destroying Metropolis! Joker had planted a heartbeat tracking device on Lois Lane, and using some of Scarecrow’s fear gas on Superman, caused the Man of Steel to have a freakout when he encountered Joker and Harley. Assuming that he was taking Doomsday out to space, Supes comes to discover he flew Lois and their unborn child out there instead and killed them upon exiting the atmosphere. This is when Superman loses it and proclaims he will be the Judge, Jury, and executioner if necessary for the entire planet Earth. This is where it gets dark. Superman finds Joker, being interrogated by Batman. Joker gives the usual “You can’t kill me because you’re a good guy” speech, and then Supes pretty punches right through Joker’s ribs, thus killing him. We are forwarded to 5 years later, where, on OUR Earth, I guess, Joker and Harley are about to perform the exact same maneuver when a temporal rift or something pulls some of our heroes (and a villain or two) into this alternate reality where Batman runs the Insurgency, a one-man rebellion that fights against the tyranny of the Regime. Run, of course, by Superman.

So at this point, we know most of our heroes in this alternate Earth have stuck by Superman. They are now considered the bad guys here. But surprisingly, some of our villains have turned and rebelled as well. Not too different as they are still fighting against Superman, but now, they are fighting for freedom, not selfish gain. There are some pretty amazing twists as the story unfolds and some of the reveals will blow your mind (if you follow the comics that is). I especially like how everything comes together. As you know, Raven and Cyborg are in this game, and were popular members of the Teen Titans, which is referenced a lot in this game (So much so that Cyborg only refers to Deathstroke as Slade. Which is really cool!). One of my favorite parts is when our heroes come to this alternate Earth and they realize they have duplicates there. Most follow Supes, so they are instantly the bad guys, but Hal Jordan’s explanation was pretty awesome. Superman and Sinestro had created a treaty between their two worlds, and thus the Hal Jordan of this alternate Earth is now a Yellow Lantern. Pretty awesome! But in my opinion, that’s not the best part…

Harley Quinn…or Harleen as she introduces herself upon her grand entrance, has suddenly become a self-proclaimed hero. When Joker of our Earth appears (he was sent along with the other heroes), Harleen doesn’t exactly have her crazy accent, but as soon as she comes to terms with this being a Joker, not hers necessarily, but a Joker nonetheless, she instantly reverts back to her old self. Still, however, she’s a major player in Batman’s rebellion and uses her Joker Clan thugs to distract and cause problems for the Regime.

Not to give too much more away so you can see for yourselves, but other character relations in this world seem a bit DC 52-ey. For instance, now that Lois is gone, Supes’ love interest has been replaced by Wonder Woman. Although it is made clear Superman only has a heart for Lois, Wonder Woman refuses to believe she is just a “rebound girl.” This does add a bit of character to this Diana that separates her from ours. She has become submissive to a man. A powerful man, but a man nonetheless. Our Wonder Woman is independent and does not rely on men to carry out her goals. She always fights for truth, innocence, and justice, as is made clear later on.

Final Reaction

Injustice: Gods Among Us is most definitely a worthy addition to any gamer’s library as well as any Comic Book fan’s collection. The characters are mostly all voiced by our favorite voice actors. We don’t get Mark Hamill as Joker, but we do get Kevin Conroy as our beloved Dark Knight, Tara Strong as our devilishly darling Harley Quinn, Phil Lamaar as our undersea king Aquaman, Stephen Amell as the cocky Green Arrow, and Jennifer Hale as a cold Killer Frost and majestic Hawkgirl to name a few! If you haven’t picked this up yet, and you’re a DC fan like myself, do yourself a favor and go get it! You will NOT be disappointed!

Oh, and incase you missed it, here’s the Midnight Launch David and I attended in Duluth Georgia!

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