Review: Wicked Audio Mojo

WI-2203 Mojo Orange Pkg

Being the audiophile that I am I quickly jumped on the opportunity to evaluate earphones from a company that I am unfamiliar with, Wicked Audio. The WI-2203 Mojo Earbuds offer variety in color with 7 different choices to choose from and were easily found on sites like,, and with prices as low as $15.98 but with a MSRP of $24.99.

First off, I am a HUGE supporter of Skullcandy audio accessories and as a tech nerd, I don’t ever recommend people wasting money on Bose or Beats by Dre (even though I love his music and label). Why? Most people really can’t tell the differences between audio when blind tests have been conducted so let’s see how these do.


The first thing I noticed was the design of the box. It gives a very urban and decorated box that really make the earbuds look more expensive than they really are, offering an aesthetically pleasing design that is sure to be a hit with the younger audience. Next was the color of yellow, although not my favorite color it definitely makes these headphones hard to lose in a backpack, briefcase, or center console compared to my normal black headphones but the yellow does look of a cheap almost Play-Doh like color. The one thing I really didn’t like about the design of the headphones was the plastic covered cord that seems cheap and could be easily ripped by a puppy or kitty, side note, this was actually the most common complaint on the sites that I listed which really isn’t a big deal when considering headphones are made for function and not design, but God bless consumerism.


Absolutely no complaints, here. First I listened to a work webinar where I focused more on the voice of the woman presenting which sounded very clear considering the quality of the streamed presentation. After I put on a few different playlist, first my top 100, my regular rap, and my regular pop punk to hardcore playlist and noticed that the bass really dropped on these headphones considering they are in ear and not over the ears, so great job on the lows!

Final Reaction

These headphones are definitely a great buy and value for the low price even when not on sale. They are one of the few that also offer a lifetime warranty so if the plastic does break or get loose, you should be able to get a new set without any issues, as long as you keep your receipts of course. I also only had to adjust the headset after about 3 hours which is pretty normal compared to other inner ears, and would love to see how their over the ear headsets compare to others. I would recommend this option for pretty much anyone especially as a low cost alternative.

Grade: B

  • Driver:            10mm
  • Sensitivity:      106dB
  • Frequency:      20-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance:      16 Ohms
  • Cord Length:    4 ft/1.2m
  • Plug Material:   Gold Plated
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