EA, you’re breaking my heart!


EA was recently voted by Consumerist readers as The Worst Company in America for the second year in a row. In the 9 years that Consumerist has been running this competition, this is the first time that a company has won twice, beating out such giants for the position as Bank of America, Walmart, and Comcast. To say it wasn’t even close is an understatement, as EA beat out the runner up, Bank of America, by an astounding 78% of the vote.

Holy shit EA, people really hate you! It wasn’t exactly hard to see this coming, though, with such recent debacles as Sim City and their publicity nose dive apology-but-not-really just days prior to the voting. You’d think instead of writing off the consumers that EA needs to thrive, they’d actually try and change things, right?

I fondly remember growing up playing quite a number of games, and on that list are some fantastic games by EA. In particular I loved playing FIFA 96 on the SNES with my brother and friends. It was an amazing game and it showed a real love for the product with the little touches such as some of the best cheat codes (invisible walls, ball curving, and no fouls) I’ve ever had the pleasure of abusing the hell out of. I remember those days when starting up the game and hearing the dramatically timed “E… A… Sports. It’s in the game!” would get me pumped up, as opposed to today where seeing EA’s brand anywhere near a game fills me with dread. What the hell happened?

I’m going to leave you with Consumerist’s closing question to EA, as nothing sums up this “victory” better: “When we live in an era marked by massive oil spills, faulty foreclosures by bad banks, and rampant consolidation in the airline and telecom industry, what does it say about EA’s business practices that so many people have — for the second year in a row — come out to hand it the title of Worst Company In America?”

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