Chuck star Zachary Levi wants a Chuck movie!


EEEEKKK!!! My first reaction was squealing with joy when I heard of a possible Chuck Movie. Chuck Bartowski had a very large group of loyal fans, becoming a cult hit and rose from the dead after being cancelled at point thanks to the viewers. I myself was a huge fan of the show and watched it all over again every few months since I consider it to be very re-watchable.

With the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign in bringing a Veronica Mars movie, Zachary Levi has recently been sending out tweets about making a Chuck movie to offer his Chucksters, aka fans, some closure on what happened to agent Charles Carmichael aka Chuck and Sarah Walker after the series finale which was indeed a very emotional one. Zachary Levi says through his posts that he does have Yvonne Strahovski on board. Her recent success in the Showtime hit Dexter, and his in Tangled as well as his role as Fandral in the next Thor movie, it seems it would be very easy for them to get investors involved to make a Chuck movie, even if it is only a web movie which Zachary Levi says he is more than willing to do. Of course he wants the blessing of Warner Brothers and show creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak before he can move forward.

What I consider to be the best thing about the show Chuck is that it really was one of the first shows and mainstream media to introduce nerds as cool and chic. Much like Big Bang Theory, it offered a new and exciting idea; a nerd can win over the hot chick and fall in love which is what all nerds really hope for.

I hope this project really does move forward and rises from the ashes for a second time. And to Chuck himself, God Speed Zachary Levi, God speed.

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