Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ already gets a parody video…by us!

When we did this video, it was as if the stars aligned just for us. After hearing about the release of Psy’s “Gentleman” music video on Saturday, we knew we had to make this video the day of. And since we were already at Anime Conji, we figured the event would be the best place to shoot the cosplay music video. We weren’t the only ones inspired by Psy’s music video, since D Piddy was also shooting his own version.

Since I’m not familiar with the dance moves, I had to wing it, so apologies if the moves are incorrect. Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the video. Thanks to everybody who participated.

Special Thanks:
Hokan Lo (for giving me the idea)
Jose Gutierrez (for helping me out)
Jordan Brown
Anthony (Snake)
Wes Bartel
Dwayne (Victory Arcade –
Jessica Nichols
Sangiune Threads (
and many more!


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