Mega Man pillow set?

mmplush4I’ve seen a few cool Mega Man costumes in the last few years, but I’ve never seen this before. Capcom’s  Japanese site is taking pre-orders for the Mega Man helmet and Mega Buster that double as comfortable pillow.

The blaster looks very comfortable, as it’s ready to defend the world from Dr. Wily’s violent robots. This is great for those cosplaying as Mega Man long into the night. If you’re just waiting really early for a panel at the next Comic Con, this might just be your next purchase.

At around $60, it’s not that bad. Of course you’ll need to wait until July to get it. Now I’m just waiting for Capcom to release the Mega Man pajama onesie and the costume should be complete.

Check out some of the actions shots below.

[portfolio_slideshow id=142157]

Source: Capcom

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