PSY releases new single, ‘Gentleman’


Only a few months after “Gangnam Style” finally got out of our heads, PSY is at it again with his new single Gentleman“. The South Korean pop star, whose last effort reached over 1.5 billion YouTube views, unveiled his new single at a concert in Seoul this Saturday.

The music video has all the corniness of Gangnam style albeit this one is a little bit racier. While Gangam style was also made famous due to the outrageous dance moves, many K-pop’ers have noticed that the signature move of this video seems to be ‘borrowed’ from fellow K pop stars Brown Eyed Girls and their song “Abracadabra” (The videos are provided down below). One of the singers from Brown Eyed Girls is in the music video, but she is mainly trying not to laugh at PSY and gyrating against a pole.

While it remains to be seen if this song will live up to the hype surrounding it, opinions are already divided. While I personally loved the new music video, fellow NR writer Genevieve LeBlanc called it the ‘Iron Man 2 of K pop’.


So to all our NR faithful, leave us a comment down below: Future hit or lazy rehash?

And the Brown Eyed Girl’s music video:

Source: Time, Sydney Morning Herald,

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