Cover star revealed for WWE 2K14, 2K Sports is not happy

n2zvARoIf you missed it last week, Stephanie McMahon revealed on her official Twitter account that The Rock would be on the cover for the upcoming WWE 2K14. Oddly enough, news came out this week that 2K Sports isn’t exactly thrilled with the Billion Dollar Princess spilling the beans on the star of the cover.

Multiple sources claim the 2K was freaking out when they heard that Stephanie had revealed that The Rock would be on the cover of WWE 2K14. Apparently they had a much bigger reveal in mind that involved The Rock making an official announcement live on WWE TV.

Though Stephanie may have ruined 2K’s big reveal for WWE 2K14, The Rock has been slated to help promote the game later this year.

WWE 2K14 is set to be released later this Fall.

Source: Just Push Start

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