Val Kilmer dons the Batman mask once again

Val_Kilmer_batman forever Poster

Yes, it’s true. Val Kilmer, who played Batman in Batman Forever, has donned the Batman mask once again. The sad part is that it’s for a TV comedy show. Hey, you weren’t seriously thinking he was going to be Batman in a Batman movie again, did you?

From the show, Life’s Too Short, Val Kilmer pays a visit to Warwick Davis (he co-starred with Davis in Willow). He wears the mask and surprises Davis’ assistant, who has know idea who he is. She names almost all the actors who have played Batman, except for him. She even mentions cartoon Batman.

I have to admit that I did enjoy watching Batman Forever (I was also a young kid at the time), and I had the biggest crush on Debi Mazar, the sexy assistant to Tommy Lee Jone’s Two Face.

Via Batman On Film

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