Will Iron Man 3 get an Ant-Man cameo?


Update: Edgar Wright has updated that it’s nothing relating to Iron Man 3.

iron man 3 edgar wright

Edgar Wright is really confusing fans with his recent tweet that he is doing a one shot for a summer movie. There are a lot of questions, but the biggest one is if it’s going to be an after-credit scene for Iron Man 3 involving Ant-Man?

“Aside from ‘The World’s End’, I directed one shot in another summer movie. But which?” he tweeted.

edgar write marvel one shot

It would seem off if he’s going to include Ant-Man in the Iron Man 3 movie, since we won’t be getting an Ant-Man movie until after Marvel Phase 2. Maybe Ant-Man will have a surprise cameo in Phase 2, kind of like Hawkeye in Thor. Then again, the one shot term could mean the Marvel One-Shots that were accompanied with the Blu-rays of The Avengers, Captain America and Thor.

Ant-Man shrinks into theaters on November 6, 2015.

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