UPDATED: Doctor Who 50th: The TWO Doctors together!



Sources have stated these are cosplayers.Great cosplaying. These guys should totally be their stand ins.

David Tennant has not shot any scenes yet for the 50th anniversary special.


To mend the wounds, I posted a photo of Tennant and Smith with Jenna-Louise Coleman.

************************************************************Doctor Who 50th

A tumblr page has leaked a photo from the set of the 50th anniversary episode of the Doctor Who special airing in November. We see David Tennant dressed in the 10th Doctor’s garb – the converse shoes, the hero coat and that great hair – next to our current 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.

We don’t know what’s going on in this scene – only that the universe is good to us to have these two share a scene.

Do you guys have any guesses or theories on what head writer Steven Moffatt has in stored for us?

Here is MY guess (THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL OR HAS BEEN STATED BY BBC OR ANYONE AFFILIATED): I’m guessing it’s the Human Doctor and Rose because no other Doctors have been asked to come back or have been mentioned to be digitized. But who knows? Moffatt is very good at somehow mixing the universes where the 10th Doctor COULD meet the 11th… I guess we’ll have to wait for November!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special airs this November on BBC America/One.

Source: Lady Marla Lannistor of the TARDIS Tumblr

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