Book Review – Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams


Oh, BBC. You thought you’d trick me into thinking this book was a book ABOUT the Doctor, but I KNOW my Doctor Who.

If you guys are wondering… Amelia Williams aka Amy Pond (the 11th Doctor’s companion and Rory William’s wife) is a character in the Doctor Who Universe.

To summarize for those who never watched Doctor Who – Amy Pond (the author) was the 11th Doctor’s companion and was transported in time (by a Weeping Angel) and stuck in the past (around the 1950s in New York – the book was “published” in 1954). During that time, Amy wrote a children’s adventure book and subtly mentions a character that is The Doctor. This sounds confusing if you never watched Doctor Who.

If you are trying to get to know Doctor Who and learn more about the Doctor, this is NOT the book for you. This is not a story about The Doctor. This doesn’t explain the TARDIS or the Doctor’s adventures.

This is a fictional story written by a fictional character for Whovians fans living their own Doctor Who fantasy. This book was also shown and mentioned in a recent episode of Doctor Who The Bells of Saint John. Clara Oswald (The Doctor’s newest companion) read this book as a child. She tells a child she is taking care of:

‘Eleven’s the best. You’ll cry your eyes out… The good kind of crying….’” – Clara Oswald

For those who are Whovians, this book was a quick and easy read (meant for children). When reading the story, we learn about this character named Kate who is dreading school and wants her summer to be interesting before returning to school. The storyline is interesting and does involve The Doctor VERY subtly as “The Curator/Barnabas”. Young Kate finds a painting (maybe this was an ode to the Van Gogh episode to involve a painting) that tells a story of the Lord of Winter. She must find the clues to unlock its secrets – good or bad. The idea behind the story was very thoughtful and imaginative. Good job Amy Pond!

However, the descriptions and explanations were really lacking. The description of Barnabas/The Curator (aka The Doctor) was very limited – the only description was his hair – no tweet jacket, no bow tie. It would had been nice to have her describe the character a bit more – even if she was trying to be subtle. But having a car that contains a phone and making weird noises is not too subtle, but rather confusing because nothing has been explained. How was the Curator able to talk on the phone while “driving”? Why was the cat able to magically talk? There were also some grammatical errors but if it’s written by Amy Pond, it’s understandable. No offense, Amy.

Clara Oswald reading Summer Falls in an episode

Clara Oswald reading Summer Falls in an episode

There have been rumors that the book contains some spoilers for the 50th anniversary episode. I did not find any when I was reading the story, but possibly they could bring the Lord of Winter to life or even the Kate character. Right now, they’re just rumors.

Overall, the book is great to have as a souvenir of the Doctor Who Universe, but as an independent read, it was okay. If you are not a Whovian, this won’t be a fun read for you because you’ll have a lot of questions in the end. I’m a Whovian and I still have questions.

Amy Pond Doctor Who

You can purchase the e-book from Amazon here for $2.52.

Grade: B

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