Black Rock Shooter The Game coming exclusively to the PSN April 23


Back in 2011 NIS America announced that they had signed a partnership with Imagepooch to bring games over to North America and Europe. The exciting part was that Black Rock Shooter was announced to be one of those titles. BRS was very popular at that point, and then all information on it went quiet, leaving me sad and then forgetting all about it.

Cut to April 5th, 2013 where NIS America sends out a press release announcing the game would be coming out April 23rd for North America and April 24th for Europe. Wait did I read that right? Yes April 23rd, meaning in less than three weeks. Black Rock Shooter the Game will only be available via the PlayStation Store and playable on the PlayStation Vita and the PSP. No pricing yet but there are some more news that could be bad for some of you.

Do to licensing issues not everyone will get it. But here is a list of those that will.

This title will be available for download in the following countries on PSN: United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Holland, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria. It will unfortunately not be available in Canada, Mexico, and certain European countries.

About Black Rock Shooter The Game

2032 AD—Earth has been ruthlessly assaulted by extraterrestrials, and nineteen years of nonstop battle now threatens the very existence of humanity. The last hope for human survival is BRS, a heroine created solely to save planet Earth; she is the ultimate battle android. But when she is awakened to end the battle once and for all, there are only twelve human beings left on Earth…

Key features: 

The World: Explore ghostly city ruins, bizarre alien structures, and more as you travel through illustrator Huke’s vision of a devastated future Earth!

The Enemy: Engage in lightning-fast battles where your choices and reflexes are the only thing standing between you and total annihilation!

The Girl: Level up BRS to equip her with a bevy of attacks and skills to make full use of her superhuman abilities and gigantic cyber-cannon!

The Last Hope: Complete a variety of missions for the last remaining humans to unlock new guns, costumes, challenges, and more!

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