Another Mew Clone? Or perhaps an evolved form?


So the breaking news today for the pokemon world is the reveal of a new pokemon…without its name. This is kind of a bummer, and leaves its identity completely ambiguous and up for discussion.

A lot of people are made this face at first sight

A lot of people made this face at first sight

What seems to be getting a lot of people upset over this is either the design or lack of identity, which to me, seems like a superficial reason to get in spat over this. I, being a massive fan of Mewtwo, am really excited about this newest incarnation. Maybe it is an evolved form or maybe it’s another failed attempt at creating a clone of Mew, which you would think after screwing up so bad the first time. They’d have learned to either a) STOP or b) not making the same mistake twice. In either case we’re just gonna have to wait and see just who or what this new pokemon is, but in the meantime, enjoy these pics and this quick demo vid.


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