Wondercon 2013: Kotobukiya Spring Preview 2013

At WonderCon 2013, Kotobukiya showcased their Spring Preview line which included previous announcements from New York Toy Fair and a couple of new announcements exclusive for WonderCon. I am especially loving the new “Cu-poche” line, which has similarities to the Nendoroid line but features a stronger and metallic base. Can’t wait to get one and give my thoughts of the line compared to a Nendo.

There are quite a few companies I follow that focus solely on quality statues, and that is Kotobukiya. Oh the fond memories of being sixteen and saving up my money for weeks to buy my first set of collectible statues. That was the day the Final Fantasy VII Cloud and Sephiroth statues were mine, and they weren’t cheap for a kid who had to save his allowance and lunch money. It was well worth it. Both Cloud and Sephiroth are both proudly displayed in my collection and is still in great condition.

Kotobukiya has released tons of figures originally centered around Japanese-style figures including anime and video games. They then ventured into the Western market, some with a hint of Japanese flare like the bishoujo line or some amazingly detailed stuff such as the ArtFX or Fine Arts line.

Take a look at the gallery and notice new additions coming such as new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 bishoujo statues for Ling Xiaoyu and Jun Kazama, the just announced Street Fighter X Tekken line starting with Chun-Li, new Marvel bishoujo including a just announced “New” Psylocke, new Marvel Fine Art Statues including Iron man 3’s War Machine and Iron Patriot, and even a new line of Avengers. DC fans get new Art FX+ Figures, upcoming Man of Steel goodies and more.

Last and not least Star Wars fans are in for some good surprises including Sandtroopers, a new bishoujo statue, a Jango Fett statue, and even business card holders.

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