Warcry’s Re-launch & Giveaway Contest


When this site announced that it relaunched, I thought it was a prank, considering the announcement was on April 1st.

Well, now it’s the 2nd, and I’m a day behind.

WarCry.com is a special kind of website designed to bring you the best available Free-To-Play MMOs all in one central hub, and to celebrate their re-launch they’re having a giveaway contest for a bunch of really cool stuff, most notably a 120GB solid state drive!

If you don’t know what a solid state drive is and why the size of it is so small, imagine pumping your normal hard drive full of steroids and crack to give it a super performance boost and BAM! You’ve got yourself a solid state drive. They’re also ridiculously expensive, which is why it’s the most notable item in the giveaway contest.


So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Warcry.com and sign up for the contest! And while you’re there, why not try out some of the free MMOs they have in their codex?

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