Move over Slender Man, Creepy Watson returns!

creepy watson

Before Slender Man, there was Creepy Watson. He was a very scary character in the Sherlock Holmes games, since he was able to move about silently and appear out of nowhere. A fan captured that moment back in 2006, and that video has over 2 million views on YouTube.

With the release of Testament of Sherlock Holmes in 2012, fans were disappointed that Doctor Watson isn’t creepy anymore. His fluid animation, thanks to motion capture, made him normal. After having received thousands of protest mails and petitions, developer Frogwares has decided to add an option to have Creepy Watson back in the new Crimes & Punishments. Check out the new Creepy Watson in Crimes & Punishements below.

Creepy Watson returns!

Here’s the original Creepy Watson.

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