UPDATE: Bruce Timm ain’t leavin’ DC Animation, he’s just been busy


So you know how sometimes you haven’t heard from a friend of yours in a long time and you think to yourself, “Did that person die?”

Well, we didn’t think Bruce Timm was dead, we just thought he was stepping down.

We, along with many other websites, have made a mistake.

It turns out Bruce Timm was just extremely busy on certain projects like the Green Lantern animated movies/shorts and since it takes years to complete animation, it’s no wonder that everyone searches for that first word that gets spoken. We initially thought that he was stepping down from Warner Bros. Studios, but it turns out after a quick WonderCon interview with their Super PR guy, Gary Miereanu, “He’s not stepping down”. He’s just started working on other stuff.

So again, sorry about that guys, jumped the gun a little quick on that one.

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