Doctor Who: Turn your phone into a Dalek!

Doctor Who Dalek Eyestalk

Doctor Who fans!!!

There is a new app out in the market (iTunes) for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad that turns your camera into the seeing eyes of the Dalek! You see in their point of view!

It is called the “EyeStalk.” Oh those Daleks, those little creepers…

It was released by BBC today and can be downloaded for $1.99 on iTunes. They are trying to make one for the Android soon!

Dalek Doctor Who App 6

According to its’ website, features include:

  • Seven Dalek effects based on the TV series:
  • Power/Mk3 – Black and White with 60’s style scan lines
  • Victory – Blue monochrome with clear centre and blurred hex regions
  • Doomsday – Blue monochrome with bump distortion in centre and blurred hex regions
  • Paradigm – Light blue monochrome with bump distortion centre and overlaid sight
  • Destiny – Red monochrome with grey concentric circles
  • Remembrance – Green thermal image with 80’s style graticule.
  • Asylum – Grey monochrome with bump distortion in the centre and blurred hex regions
  • Video mode. Capture video and audio using EyeStalk and then apply current effect to your movie.
  • Choose between HD video and normal video on devices with HD camera. Capture video at 640 x 480 or 1280 x 720.
  • Accurate video rendering estimates for processing video.
  • Accelerated video rendering using full GPU 2.0 Pixel Shaders.
  • A universal app, with full screen dedicated iPad mode.
  • Capture images and video in raw mode and apply effects later. EyeStalk will save raw photos/video direct to the photo library. This allows you to apply different EyeStalk effects to the same photo or video.
  • Take photos/videos direct from EyeStalk or choose pictures/video from photo library
  • Change styles by swiping left and right
  • Use front and rear cameras, control the flash direct from EyeStalk.
  • Share photos direct to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Evernote, Email, SMS/iMessage
  • Live image preview overlaid with chosen image style

Dalek Doctor Who App 3

Now you can STALK like a Dalek and EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

This app just came in time for the return of Doctor Who THIS weekend (TOMORROW!!!) at 8pm on BBC America.

Source: BBC Eyestalk




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