Tomb Raider Panel presented by BAFTA….2 weeks later?

Screenshot from Tomb Raider (2013)

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since the release of Tomb Raider and after some delay, we finally get our panel with the team from Crystal Dynamics, presented by BAFTA (the British Academy of Film and Television Arts), in Beverly Hills, CA.

Before the conference began there was a “preview” montage playing called “The Last Hours of Tomb Raider.” It displayed the development process from beginning to end and is basically a quick summary of what we were in for at the conference.


Our speakers for the night were Studio Head Darrell Gallagher, Creative Director Noah Hughes and Global Brand Director Karl Stewart and composer Jason Graves. Each one spoke about the development of the game, the research that went into it (such as the graphs detailing “brand recognition” of Lara Croft), the Tomb Raider series itself and the comparison between the series’ rise and decline with that of the James Bond series (using said research in the hopes of eliminating the biggest threat against the success of Tomb Raider: Mediocrity).

However the showstopper of the night was the “Instrument” built by Graves’ friend specifically for this game. Although it didn’t look it, this thing created a lot of noise and played some impressive notes when Graves took a violinist bow to it.

Kinda looks like something you'd find in Adventure Land at Disneyland

Kinda looks like something you’d find in Adventure Land at Disneyland

One other thing to note was that it felt more like a press conference than a panel, mostly because the 3/4 of the 7:30-11:00pm schedule was spent by the speakers going up one after the other and only a short time spent letting the audience ask questions, but at the very least we got to see the amount of process and work that went into making this game.

We were also shown never-before-scene test footage including Lara Croft still wearing her trademark shorts, doing crazy acrobatics, and etc.

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