RetroN 5 will play your NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA and Famicon cartridges


Introducing the RetroN 5 by Hyperkin.

If you’re an old-school gamer, this may pique your interest. The RetroN 4 was suppose to be announced during the Midwest Gaming Classic, but Hyperkin decided to surprise attendees with the RetroN 5, an all-in-one console that can play video game cartridges from the NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA and Famicom.

Some of the cool new features include being able to save a game at any point during gameplay, audio interpolation to improve sound output quality, shaders to up-convert video signals for 720p resolution, button reassignment, and manual and passive overclocking to speed up or slow down the speed of games.

If that’s not enough for you, it also feature Bluetooth wireless controllers that includes a Microswitch Directional Pad and Macro Buttons. If you prefer to use the original controllers, you can use those instead. What makes this even cooler is that you can even remap the buttons from the original controllers.

RetroN 5 details:

  • 2 Original Controller Ports for Each Platform (6 Total)
  • Includes 1 Wireless Bluetooth Controller
  • 5 Cartridge Ports for NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA and Famicom
  • HDMI Output with upconversion on HDTVs
  • PAL and NTSC Cartridge Compatibility

I definitely can’t wait to check this one out when it gets released.

Source: Hyperkin

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