David Hayter not returning in Metal Gear Solid V?!

downloadBig news today regarding the next installment of the Metal Gear franchise. Today it was revealed that mysterious trailer for Phantom Pain that was shown during last year’s VGAs was in fact Metal Gear related like many had believed. According to Hideo Kojima’s official twitter account, Ground Zeroes will be the Prologue to The Phantom Pain.

“Ground Zeroes” is a prologue of “MGSV”. 9 years after that event will be “The Phantom Pain”. MGSV is constructed w/ prologue and main game “TPP”.

You can see that the same characters appear in both trailers. It seems as though we will be playing Big Boss once again and judging from the trailer it seems like Ocelot has returned as well. One man not making his return in Metal Gear Solid V is infamous voice of Snake himself, David Hayter.

The voice actor revealed on his official twitter account that he wold not be returning in MGSV to the much disappointment of many fans. Hayter also revealed that he was not even approached to reprise the role. Interesting enough, earlier this month David Hayter send out an interesting tweet asking what fans would think if he did not return in the next Metal Gear. David also made sure that Kojima and Konami’s official twitter accounts were tagged in the post.

Informal Poll:
How would you react if I didn’t play Snake in the next Metal Gear?

Poll Results:
Sad/Angry: 64%
No Big Deal: 12% (You’re all dead to me, btw.)
Would Not Buy: 24%
303 ppl srveyd

Some say this could be just Kojima and Hayter messing with us, but upon rechecking the trailer from the Video Game Awards. The voice in the video is noticeably not that of David Hayter. Although this could just be early production dubs that were just used for reference. Happens all the time in early development before they bring the real voice talent in.

Truthfully, we won’t know for sure if Kojima is messing with us or not until probably E3. You can check out the trailer from the VGAs below along with the Metal Gear Solid V trailer that was released today at GDC.

Source: Kotaku

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