Eve Online ‘Odyssey’ expansion coming June 4


CCP Games has announced at PAX that the nineteenth expansion for EVE Online will be released on June 4th. Named “Odyssey”, the expansion will bring a refreshed user interface, an overhauled scanning mechanic, and new rewards for finding and interacting with sites hidden in space.

The expansion announcement couldn’t come at a better time since it was recently announced that EVE currently has over half a million subscribers as of February 2013.

After 10 years of EVE, this could be one of the most important expansions as of yet. Expanding the universe has always been a positive direction for a game full of pilots seeking adventure, riches, and action. Speaking of action, the expansion also includes a campaign, “following the Battle for Caldari Prime, with participatory events spawning unique player stories in two games at once”.

Universe-wide resource redistribution and ship rebalancing will shake up the entire EVEmetagame across social, economic, military and political levels, leading to new types of conflicts, fresh strategies and shifting allegiances amongst EVE’s player alliances. EVE Online: Odyssey will also debut new ships, star base improvements, graphics updates and a few surprises to be unveiled in the future.


Curse Interviews John from CCP about the upcoming expansion.


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