Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, due on May 21st


UPDATED: Tonight if you just happened to watch the re-run of SNL, you would’ve caught the brand new commercial for the Random Access Memories. The video contains brand new snippet of their new album, and from the sound of it, it looks to add upon the snippet of the first ad. On top of the new ad, Daft Punk has launched a new site for their new album. Here you can pre-order the physical copies (vinyl and cd) of the album and also listen to the 15 second snippet from the new SNL ad.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKKGrKaix44[/youtube]

Daft Punk fans you only have to wait 2 more months before the new Daft Punk album drops because it has been announced that on May 21, the new album titled Random Access Memories, will finally drop for our ears to listen to. From their signing to Columbia Records to their SNL commercial, the 8 year wait (not counting 2010’s Tron: Legacy score) has left many fans skeptical as many false rumors have swirled for much of that time. Well, it is now official: A new LP from Daft Punk is coming and you can pre-order it right now.


The iTunes listing does not give the names of the 13 songs appearing on the album, but it does give the lengths of the tracks and, the album is long (about an hour an 12 minutes long). Check out the track lengths above and stay tuned for more information, and, yes, what you saw was the cover. It does break the traditional Daft Punk logo being front and center but with a new record label it only seemed fitting.

  • Track 1: 4:34
  • Track 2: 5:21
  • Track 3: 9:04
  • Track 4: 3:48
  • Track 5: 5:37
  • Track 6: 5:53
  • Track 7: 8:18
  • Track 8: 6:07
  • Track 9: 4:50
  • Track 10: 5:41
  • Track 11: 4:39
  • Track 12: 4:11
  • Track 13: 6:21

After Daft Punk announced a strategic alliance with Ultra Records earlier this year, the duo’s 15-second “SNL” commercial was projected onto a building outside of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on Friday night. Could Daft Punk crash the second weekend of this year’s Ultra fest? But as always with any Daft Punk performance just mark it down as rumors. It was only a few weeks ago that rumors started swirling that Daft Punk would perform at SXSW when a stage was being built in front a Daft Punk billboard. Spoiler alert though it was a Doritos and Marlboro stand that was put up. Stay tuned.


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