Doctor Who: New Spring trailer out, plus episode photos and preview clip

doctorwho bells of saint john

O.M.G. The trailer itself is so awesome. It just gets me so excited for this midseason 7 premiere on March 30th!

The trailer shows the Doctor and his new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) off on some adventures. The Doctor is still trying to figure who Clara is or what she is (not a Dalek this time… maybe). Then you see a scene where the Doctor is ACTUALLY afraid. I cannot wait for Doctor Who to come back on.

Warning: This trailer may give away spoilers or just make you extremely excited.

Head writer Steven Moffat and Matt Smith (The Doctor) have stated that this year will be “our most exciting year.”

Here are some few hints that was given to us: Ice monsters, Evil Wi-Fi, a dangerous cruise on a Russian submarine, a haunted mansion on the moor, and Dame Diana Rigg and the Doctor’s greatest secret will be revealed. Come on, Moffat!

The premiere episode is called “The Bells of Saint John” and will air on March 30th on BBC America.

The Bells of Saint John Preview:

Spring Trailer

Source: BBC One

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