Steven Spielberg – We’re gonna need a bigger yacht


What do you do when you are the man that has either created or influenced more than three decades worth of films that nearly every person on the face of the Earth has seen or heard of? It’s easy: Go on a world cruise on your custom $200 million dollar yacht. That is exactly what The Sunday Times is reporting Steven Spielberg will be doing with his family and friends.

Features of the yacht named “Seven Seas” include an infinity pool with a 15-ft glass wall that doubles as privacy screen and cinema screen. The yacht has accommodations for up to 12 guests and 26 crew members. Also included is a Jacuzzi (of course), gym, spa, massage room, indoor cinema, and pool. There are docks on the side of the yacht to get your water toys in and out of. The yacht has everything.

And now a fictional passé conversation with Spielberg and I on the Seven Seas:

Me: Oh, cheerio good sir.

Steven: How do you do, welcome to the Seven Seas!

Me: Cheeky, what shall we do on this marvelous day out in the middle of the exotic Celebes Sea (pictured bellow).

Steven: Ah, yes. In good time we will enjoy hors d’ oeuvres, sip the finest brandy, and ponder the tits and tats of life.

Me: Hea-here! Hea-here!

Steven: Shall we retreat to the indoor mechanism which displays images on screen or sooth in the infinite illusion of roman pools?

Me: Quite a quandary. To the hollows of the ship to enjoy our time together: Hip Hip, Hooray!

Together, riding our man servants into the hollows…

“We are going to need a bigger boat”…”Welcome to Jurassic Yacht”…”Close Encounters of the Yacht Kind”… You get the point. Hea-here! Hea-here!

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