Mark Millar to talk to Bryan Singer about FOX’s grand plan

X-Men and Fantastic Four

With Marvel Studios doing a lot right with their Marvel movies, you can bet your ass that Sony and FOX are watching with a very careful eye. It was all made apparent when FOX hired comic book writer Mark Millar (Civil War, Kick-Ass, Wanted) to be the Marvel consultant for the company’s upcoming films.

It was very interesting news, but after thinking about it, what can FOX really do exactly? They only have Fantastic Four and the X-Men universe. I mean the X-Men universe alone has the potential for many spin-off films, yet FOX has no clue how to market it.

Mark Millar gives us the update that he can now focus on FOX again, since he’s done with the Kick-Ass 2 stuff.

What an immensely nice dude that guy is!

As a producer on Kick-Ass 2, I’ve not been in LA since Sept when Fox flew me out to sit with the insanely-clever writer Simon Kinberg and the Fox execs to chat X-men back when Matthew was still directing. But Kick-Ass 2 is pretty much done now and so my beady-eye can move back towards the Fox stuff again. There’s a very exciting announcement you guys will hear about over the coming months (if not before), but the most immediate things the office is talking about are Days of Future Past and The Wolverine, both of which I’m absolutely aching to see. I saw the first 10 mins of Jim’s Wolvie when I was out there last September. I’m out again next month and will have the pleasure of seeing a very near final cut too.

Days of Future-Past is potentially the biggest and most ambitious superhero movie ever made. I’ve seen this coming together in various stages, but now they’re only weeks away from shooting it’s really catching fire. I’ll catch Bry in person before he heads to Montreal next month when I’m seeing Wolvie and we can chat a little more about the Fox grand plan. A very, very exciting time to be into this stuff, especially when you consider that the brilliant Josh Trank has Fantastic Four lined up for 2015. You don’t know how lucky you are – when I was a kid Nicholas Hammond was playing Spidey on a visible wire!!

I’m excited about Days of Future Past, but for Millar to say that it’s going to be the “biggest and most ambitious superhero movie ever made”, that’s where I draw the line. If you want to bring back the excitement for the X-Men universe, reboot it with the original team consisting of Professor X, Iceman, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel.

So what is FOX’s grand plan? Will they give the rights to Disney and Marvel Studios? I wish, but the fans are already assuming that it’s going to be an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover, and even that sounds pretty lame. Trying to do a movie with one team is already hard enough, now imagine doing a movie where two teams team up.

Source: MillarWorld

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