EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, resigns


After being re-hired by Electronic Arts back in 2007, John Riccitiello has formally step down from his position as Chief Executive Officer. His resignation will be effective on March 30th after failing to increase EA’s revenue and share price. Taking over his position will be Larry Probst, the current Chairman of EA.  During his tenure was a number of studios such as Pandemic Studios, BioWare, PlayFish, Bright Lights and PopCap (The former of which has now been dissolved). EA was also awarded the Worst Company in America by the Consumerist last year. Clearly after the whole SimCity fiasco, they needed someone to take the heat.

Considering what they’ve been through in the past few years, I’d say this was a smart move on EA’s part. After establishing well known franchises and later burrowing them into the ground (looking at you Mass Effect!). Hopefully, things will turn around and we’ll actually have good games to look forward to again.

Sources: WSJ , Forbes

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