David Morrissey would love to do Who again


David Morrissey (The Governor on The Walking Dead) would like to return to an episode of Doctor Who. Morrissey was on the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special with David Tennant’s Doctor as Jackson Lake (who in the episode believed he was The Doctor).

There was no news regarding Morrissey being asked to appear on Doctor Who and the 50th anniversary special, but he said, “I can’t say anything about Doctor Who, but yeah, I would [go back]. I’m a big fan, it was a big part of my life… I’m very proud of my association with Doctor Who, it’s great. But I can’t let you know anything about the future of that.”

In regards to his character on Doctor Who’s 2008 episode, he was very proud in portraying that character. He said ”I have a few bits of memorabilia – a little bit of costume, and I have this screwdriver which I kept… The TARDIS or Colditz Castle were two of the things I really wanted to do, so I’ve done one of them. They were the two TV programs I watched. Walking on the Doctor Who set was unbelievable.”

With Morrissey’s busy schedule, it would be difficult for him to return onto Doctor Who. But since this is such a huge episode, it may be possible to see him. Even if it is just a cameo.

Doctor Who returns on March 30th with the 50th anniversary episode in November of this year.

Source: DigitalSpy

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