Aww crap! Paul W.S. Anderson is at it again with Resident Evil 6

Paul-WS-Anderson resident evil

It’s been reported that Screen Gems is planning to release the sixth Resident Evil movie on September 12th, 2014, with Paul W.S. Anderson back at the helm. What!?

Stop supporting Paul W.S. Anderson by watching his movies. If we don’t stop, he’ll be making more Resident Evil movies until the day he dies. Many fans of the game hate his movies, yet somehow his movies make enough to warrant a sequel. Resident Evil: Retribution was able to gross over $221 million worldwide. That’s pretty good considering the budget was only $65 million.

Just imagine a world where Anderson is no longer directing the movie franchise, and we’re able to get a legit director on board. What ever happened to Uwe Boll? I’m kidding.

Source: First Showing

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