Billy Dee Williams return as Lando in Episode VII?


We all remember Billy Dee Williams as the dashing Lando Calrissian! Now, we possibly may get to see him again in Disney’s Star Wars Episode VII!

Right now, we have Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford agreeing to appear in the next movie. Now, we are just waiting on our favorite gambler/businessman/Rebel general Lando Calrissian  to answer (and Chewbacca’s Peter Mayhew).

Williams was at the Monster Mania convention this past weekend and was asked if he’d be in the next movie. He stated that he has been asked but has not decided whether he would participate or not. Whaaaaaaasaa?

Williams will be turning 76 next month and that may have to do with it. Filming for a movie takes a lot of time and energy, but I’m sure the studio could accommodate the actor.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled for release in 2015. It will be directed by JJ Abrams and screenplay written by Michael Arndt.

Source: Film Buff

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